Lack of or wrong efforts made in the initial stages of a salvage operation can be huge cost drivers. Time will be lost which may cause unnecessary exposure for the stakeholders, and the salvage to escalate into a wreck removal. 

In 2018 Hans Langsrud entered into a cooperation with Marine Masters, a 2016 founded company based in the Netherlands. ​

Marine Masters comprises marine experts such as Special Casualty Representatives, Salvage Masters, Naval Architects, Tow Masters, Technical Superintendents and Project Managers, all with extensive experience in the salvage industry. 

​With this versatile combination of skills, we offer together with Marine Masters assistance to Owners, salvage companies, operators and offshore contractors on any level and any scale.

We can respond rapidly and effectively, and even before we attend on-site we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by telephone and email to advise, assist and protect the interests of our clients. 

When travel is restricted, we are able to offer our services through our partners globally, or we will be able to assist you remotely. Our offices, at home as well, are set up to support when so required. 

We will as soon as possible get in contact with the Salvor and start the evaluation of the emergency response required during the first stages of a casualty such as grounding, collision and vessels adrift, to enable our clients to always be in a position to respond quickly and professionally to a casualty.

When a LOF is awarded for a casualty, the Salvor is often invoking SCOPIC and at such time we have three SCR's with the necessary and required experience and qualifications to provide a Special Casualty Representative or a Special H&M or Cargo Representative.

We are able to provide Clients with comprehensive on-site or remote casualty management. Some examples of the ways in which we can add value include:

  • Evaluation and advice on the salvage operations including methodology and the utilisation of crafts, equipment, and personnel
  • Estimation of the exposure based on the first info obtained
  • Estimation of salvage costs
  • Evaluation and advice on bunker and cargo removal operations. Liaise with ITOPF
  • Attendance on-site to monitor and report daily on the operational progress, pollution prevention
  • Liaison with local and national authorities
  • Sourcing and negotiating with local manpower
  • Monitor and account for third party contractors
  • Supporting client representatives and crew



24-hour number +852 9855 3444 (Hans Langsrud)