• Condition surveys for all ship types, including hatch cover leak testing on bulk carriers (entry survey, follow up survey and claims triggered surveys)
  • Hatch cover leak testing on behalf of Owners and Charterers
  • Hull damage surveys including a cost estimate for repairs
  • Damage surveys of jetty structures including fenders including a cost estimate for repairs
  • Crane investigations
  • Container cargo stuffing/unstuffing surveys

  • Ullage surveys with ullage and outturn reports for oil cargoes (for claims purposes only)
  • Bunker quantity and quality surveys(for claims purposes only)
  • On/off hire surveys including bunker surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Complete hull and machinery surveys (machinery failures including propulsion engines, auxiliary machinery, generators pumps etc.
  • Investigation of nature and extent of damage to project cargoes where machinery and structures are involved​



24-hour number +852 9855 3444 (Hans Langsrud)



The current global scenario with many countries still in lockdown mode and the travel restrictions will impact how Owners are managing their ships as their superintendents and others will not be able to travel to visit the ships as before. In these challenging times with our experience, Van Ameyde Seasia can provide Owner representation and superintendency. Some examples of how we can add value include:

  • Repair supervision including docking
  • Substitute technical and Marine superintendent visits including reporting
  • Internal ISM and ISPS audits
  • Personal (LTI) injury investigations

HOL Maritime Services has proudly assisted Van Ameyde Seasia to launch a survey and inspection initiative in Hong Kong. Van Amayede Seasia offer services in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region

In these unusual times, when travelling to ships in Hong Kong is not always easy or even possible, Van Amayede Seasia stand prepared to assist Owners, Managers and Insurers with reliable services in the marine, engineering and operational aspects of shipping, on a realistic cost basis

Our surveyors have extensive and diversified shipboard and land-based experience. Van Ameyde Seasia can, therefore, offer a wide range of surveys as listed below:

​For more information about Van Ameyde Seasia please visit